Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sleep Under Birthday Party

For safety reasons in our home, we don't do sleep overs. Don't go to them, don't host them. However there is still a lot of fun to be had with your kids in this! We call them "Sleep Unders".
Kind of like a sleep over, except everyone goes home when it's bedtime.
Still have all the fun, and everyone stays safe!

For Eden's 8th birthday she wanted to have a Sleep Under.

She asked to do makeovers and have a photo booth, watch a movie and eat chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and drink Izzes.

Your birthday wish… my command my darling!

 photo IMG_0002.jpg

(My big camera was still in the Camera hospital after taking a nasty tumble off of the counter onto a tile floor on Halloween night, so the pics are just "ugh" with my small point and shoot that we let the kids use. But it is what it is and the party must go on!)

The Invites:

 photo SleepUnder_Invite_blog-001_zpstb6qn0q1.jpg

I used this sleep mask template

Using photoshop, I added my wording and a fun polkadot background, printed and cut out.
You could also add wording using a free photo editing software like Picasa, then print it out onto a fun scrapbook paper.

Then I attached 2 small paper doilies (found in the Wilton aisle of any craft store and Walmart), one over each of the eye areas.

Next I glue gunned on a length of pink ribbon (about 8 inches).

Last, I used a coordinating fun scrapbook paper as the backing. Just traced the sleep mask template onto the back of the scrapbook paper, cut out and used double sided tape to stick it all together.

 photo SleepUnder_Invite_blog-001_zpstb6qn0q1.jpg
 photo IMG_5782-1.jpg photo IMG_5783_zpsnlloj2ox.jpg

Love how it turned out!

The Yummies:

 photo IMG_0009.jpg photo IMG_0013.jpg photo IMG_0011.jpg photo IMG_0012.jpg photo IMG_0037.jpg photo IMG_0038.jpg photo IMG_0039.jpg photo IMG_0040.jpg

Photo-booth Dress Up Station:

 photo IMG_0015.jpg photo IMG_0019.jpg photo IMG_0016.jpg photo IMG_0021.jpg photo IMG_0020.jpg photo IMG_0022.jpg

Yes, I just had all of this laying around in my house. Apparently we really like our fancy outfits and accessories!

Makeover and Nail Station:

 photo IMG_0008.jpg


Nail Polish and a sparkly nail file

 photo IMG_0023.jpg photo IMG_0025.jpg photo IMG_0028.jpg photo IMG_0027.jpg photo IMG_0030.jpg

Movie Area:

 photo IMG_0031.jpg photo IMG_0034.jpg photo IMG_0035.jpg photo IMG_0036.jpg photo IMG_0041.jpg

Now since there were going to be a bunch of little girls with food and drinks in my family room, I laid down a cheap plastic painters drop cloth over my very expensive area rug, then I laid an easy to wash queen size soft fleece blanket over it (that I just happened to have in a pretty pink), then to make it look comfy, I lined all the edges in white pillows. E said it looked like a giant bed!
How fitting for a sleep under!!

Now lets have some Sleep-Under FUN!!

 photo IMG_0042.jpg photo IMG_0043.jpg photo IMG_0051.jpg photo IMG_0055.jpg photo IMG_0053.jpg photo IMG_0057-001.jpg photo IMG_0069.jpg photo IMG_0058.jpg photo IMG_0060.jpg photo IMG_0072.jpg photo IMG_0081.jpg photo IMG_0080.jpg photo IMG_0089.jpg photo IMG_0086.jpg photo IMG_0082.jpg photo IMG_0090.jpg

The pint-sized party gooers helped makeover my teenage party helper, Cailey.

 photo IMG_0167.jpg

So pretty!

Then it was Dress up and Photo-Booth time!

 photo Photo_Strip_BLOG.jpg photo Photo_Strip_BLOG_2.jpg

The girls LOVED trying on the different outfits, but honestly their favorites were the accessories. I have a bunch of vintage hats (pill box, fascinators..etc.) and gloves from the 50's found for super cheap at a flea market that I let the girls play with. The also loved putting on all of my jewelry (not the good stuff) and sunglasses.

Girls are so much fun!

Load up a plate of Yummies and we snuggled down to watch
"The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking".

 photo IMG_0190.jpg photo IMG_0193.jpg photo IMG_0194.jpg photo IMG_0195.jpg

The Thankyou cards (sent with each party goers photo-strip from the photo booth).

 photo Photo_Booth_PRINT_Thankyou_Madelyn.jpg

Best Sleep-Under Party EVER!

 photo IMG_0095.jpg

Happy Creating Everyone!!

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  1. Wow!! How cute birthday party ideas you shared!! I never seen such Sleep under themed party ever in my life. All of the kid’s are just looking adorable. Really exciting, and all kids are truly enjoying the party. Well we are going to see events in New York, and we will back in next month. Then I have to arrange a birthday party for my son. These ideas will help me.