Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Free Vintage Ballerina Poster Printables

 photo IMG_0508_zps0c01cf4d.jpg

For the bathroom my two little girls share, I wanted artwork that was girly, but not frilly since the boy uses it sometimes as well when it's more convenient than his Barber shop bathroom.

I decided on antique ballet.

Unfortunately I couldn't find what I wanted ANYWHERE.
So… I turned to photoshop to create my own awesome artwork.

 photo IMG_0510_zps0e9fd8ac.jpg photo IMG_0509_zpsba87a7f6.jpg photo IMG_0508_zps0c01cf4d.jpg

Words for the positions are in French.
They were given their names by French King LouisXIV, who developed ballet and its steps
in the 17th Century.  Just a little fun fact I learned during my process.

I used this ballet positions flyer that I found as a guide:

 photo ballet-positions-cecchetti_method_zps6a0c67b3.jpg

Free ballet poster printable download HERE

What you get:

 photo Ballet_Poster_Positions_1_zps4afe4007.jpg


What you get:

 photo Ballet_Poster_Positions_2_zpsd1b2abbd.jpg

Then for over the towel rack,  I created a coordinating picture using the lyrics from "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John

 photo IMG_0507_zps9e5deab8.jpg

Free coordinating Tiny Dancer lyrics picture download HERE

What you get:

 photo Ballet_Poster_3_zps64108e52.jpg

I printed the positions in a 16x20, and the words in an 8x10.
Which Walmart photo center will print same day for you.
Frames found at Hobby Lobby.

They go great with the bird towels, old perfume bottles, and mercury glass I have as accents.

 photo IMG_0513_zpsc7f7640a.jpg photo IMG_0511_zps9c41d388.jpg photo IMG_0512_zpsb963659c.jpg photo IMG_0515_zps137e6ce9.jpg photo IMG_0516_zps4f58b918.jpg

Happy Creating Everyone!!


  1. Hi ! First of all, I really like what you did with the original poster!
    I just wanted to tell you there are little spelling mistakes in the Cecchetti method...
    Épaulé, Écarté, Effacé, Croisé, À la troisième, seconde (or deuxième, it means the same thing) derrière.

    In French, the è and the é are two different accents and make two different sounds.
    é = ay

    è = like in forget, without the t in the end.

    Like I said, your project is beautiful, I just wanted to correct a few little mistakes anybody who enjoys ballet won't ever see...

  2. These are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them!!!