Monday, January 28, 2013

50 100th Day Of School Project Ideas


My Kindergardener recently had her 100th day of school.
To celebrate being 100 days smarter her teacher asked that they create, on poster board, a picture using 100 items and to be creative.
Well, I was kinda tired that day so I decided to just ask my friend the Google.

Sadly didn't find much.

*shake of head*

That won't do.

So I challenged myself to come up with 50 ideas and post them on the web for other tired parents and teachers...
Why 50?
I don't know.
20 seemed too easy and 100 seemed a tad optimistic for an afternoon of free-time.

So I explored my mind, and compiled it with some things found online and created this list of...


1- Crown: Crown cut out of construction paper with 100 jewels glued on (found at any crafting store)

2- Gumball machine with 100 colored circles cut out of construction paper glued on

3- Gumball machine with 100 fuzzy crafting pom poms glued on
Free Gum Ball Machine Printable found HERE

4- Piggy Bank: Pig cut out, with 100 pennies glued on

5- Piggy Bank: Pig cut out, with 100 pieces of brown-ish orange construction paper circle cutouts glued on.
(Free piggy bank printable found HERE)

6- Tree: 100 stick pretzels arranged to look like a tree with branches, draw on leaves
(Example Here)

7- Tree: Trunk and branches cut out of construction paper or drawn on, with 100 leaves (drawn on or cut out of construction paper)

8- Rainy Day: Big cloud with 100 raindrops (cut from construction paper)

9- Bears: Draw out a nature scene, glue on 100 gummy bears

10- Animals: Draw out a nature scene, glue on 100 animal crackers

11- Cow: with 100 black spots (cut from construction paper)
(Free Cow Printable found HERE)

12- Dog: with 100 spots (cut from construction paper)

13- Zebra: with 100 stripes (cut from construction paper or use black licorice)
(Free blank Zebra Printable found HERE)

14- Apple Tree: Tree with 100 red M&M's or skittles

15- Sheep: with 100 cotton balls
(Example HERE)
(Free Sheep Printable HERE)

16- Monster: Monster head with 100 eye balls (found at any crafting store)
(Example Here)

17- Breakfast: draw bowl, glue on 100 fruit loops
(Example Here)
(Bowl template found HERE)

18- Snowmen: Made with 100 marshmallows
(example HERE)

19- Snowmen: Made with 100 cotton balls

20- Night Sky: Black construction paper with a moon and 100 star stickers

21- Bouquet: Vase with 100 flowers (stickers, construction paper, or magazine flower cutouts)
(Vase Printable HERE)

22- Garden: with 100 flowers (stickers, construction paper, different scrapbook paper or magazine flower cutouts)
(Example HERE)

23- Flowers: glue on 100 buttons, draw petals around them, or different colored scrapbook paper cut outs to make flowers
(Example Here)

24- Birthday Cake: cutout with 100 candles

25- Birthday Cake 2: cutout with 100 sprinkles (confetti or Mike & Ikes glued on)
(Free Cake Printable HERE)

26- Cupcake: cutout with 100 sprinkles (confetti or Mike & Ikes glued on)
(Cupcake Printable HERE)

27- Centipede: made with 100 fuzzy puff crafting pom poms (found at any craft store)

28- Buttoned Shirt: Shirt cutout with 100 buttons glued on
(Free T-shirt Printable Here)

29- Necklace: 100 crafting jewels glued in an oval, can draw or cut out a fancy pendant for the bottom

30- Necklace 2: made with fruit loops

31- Taste The Rainbow: made with 100 colored Skittles

32- Melt In Your Mouth Rainbow: made with 100 colored M&M's

33- Gummy Rainbow: made with 100 colored gum drops

34- Puffy Rainbow: made with 100 crafting pom poms

35- Cleaner Rainbow: made with 100 colored pipe cleaners (using a couple rows of each color to get 100)
(Rainbow craft ideas found HERE, HERE, HERE, and get the idea)

36- Boat: Draw or cutout boat,  100 pipe cleaners to make sail

37- Boat 2: Draw or cut out boat,  100 crafting pom poms to make sail

38- Heart: 100 Candy conversation hearts glued to make one giant heart

39- Pizza: Circle cut out with 100 red "pepperoni" construction paper cutouts glued on

40- Balloons: 100 ovals cut out of construction paper, draw strings to come down and tied together with a bow

41- Fish bowl: with 100 gold fish glued on
(Free Fish Bowl Printable HERE)

42- Fish in the Sea: Blue construction paper with 100 swedish fish glued on

43- Bird: with 100 crafting feathers glued on

44- Movie night: Draw or cut out Red an white striped bowl with 100 pieces of popcorn glued on (Free Popcorn box printable HERE)

45- Cookie: Tan circle cut out of construction paper with 100 chocolate chips glued on

46- Skyscraper: Tall rectangle with 100 "windows" (small rectangles cut out and glued on)

47- Daddy Polka Dot Tie: Tie cutout with 100 dots glued on
(Free Tie Template Printable Here)

48- Music: 100 music notes with gumdrop or pom pom glued onto the round ball part (sorry, not much of a technical music person so no, that is not the technical name of the part of the music note, if it even has one... but you get the idea)

49- Letters: 100 of the same letter cutouts from magazines (could do the 1st letter of your child's first name)
(Example HERE, but use the same letter)

50- 100 of ANYTHING  (pipe cleaners, pom poms, gum drops, button, cheerios...etc) glued in the shape of "100"



  1. More than a hundred of claps for the creative teacher... Knowing that you haven't found anything like this by asking Google proves that there are lots of things should know (lol). I like the 32nd suggestion ;)

  2. Very nice ideas ...really inspired ...This is what we did for our 100th school project .

  3. These are great. Thank you for taking your time to come up with them and then generously share your list with all of us.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to make this list and then generously share it with all of us. Great and original ideas!