Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

For those of you who aren't familiar with Scouts, Pinewood Derby is where Cub Scouts (boys aged 8-11 years) take an ordinary block of wood and with the help of their parents turn it into a car that they then race in a competition within their pack called the Pinewood Derby Race.

The top 2 winners from each den (dens are groups within the pack that are separated by age) can then go on to compete in the regional race (against other pack winners) and so on.

 photo IMG_1488.jpg

It's super fun!

And an excellent chance for Dad and son to work together to create something awesome!

All you really need is a car kit, found at any BSA supply store and most crafting stores, and a basic understanding of simple physics and you are well on your way!

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Here are some pictures from our troops 2013 Pinewood Derby
(I was just photographing my own kid and his races, when at the end the Scout Master asked if I would get pics of all the boys and their awards... um, OF COURSE! But sadly the races were already over, so this is all I have)

 photo IMG_1431.jpg photo IMG_1433.jpg
 photo IMG_1435.jpg

Before the race, each boy made a sign for their car and the room was decorated with their creations

 photo IMG_1487.jpg

Each boy got up before the race and gave a brief description of their car

 photo IMG_1440.jpg

Then their car was officially weighed in by the judges and each "driver" was given a "driver's license" (adorable!)

 photo IMG_1443.jpg photo IMG_1442.jpg

Then the races were on!

 photo IMG_1446.jpg photo IMG_1447.jpg photo IMG_1452.jpg photo IMG_1453.jpg photo IMG_1454.jpg photo IMG_1455.jpg photo IMG_1456.jpg photo IMG_1457.jpg photo IMG_1458.jpg photo IMG_1460.jpg photo IMG_1463.jpg photo IMG_1465.jpg photo IMG_1466.jpg photo IMG_1470.jpg

After the races the ribbons were given out and each boy received a congratulations for good racing and a certificate for their car.

 photo IMG_1471.jpg photo IMG_1476.jpg

 photo IMG_1483.jpg photo IMG_1477.jpg photo IMG_1481.jpg photo IMG_1486.jpg photo IMG_1479.jpg photo IMG_1485.jpg photo IMG_1480.jpg photo IMG_1478-001.jpg

 photo IMG_1488.jpg

What sportsmanship!
Job well done boys!!

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