Monday, February 25, 2013

Renaissance Themed Party

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_13-1.jpg

Our Scout troop recently had our yearly Blue and Gold Banquet over the weekend with a kick-A Renaissance theme.
No detail was left out in creating this amazing event!

Each boy had a tunic and hood

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_67.jpg

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_14.jpg

made by the amazing Teresa
(You're incredible!)

 photo 859FA4F1-7997-4303-89C6-595073F12D30-703-000001B6497C6C1C.jpg

The decorations:

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_5-1.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_3-1.jpg
 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_1.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_6-1.jpg
 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_8-1.jpg
 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_12.jpg
 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_10-1.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_9.jpg

Mostly made from rolls of butcher paper, black sharpies, cardboard, streamers, tissue paper and rolls of blue wrapping paper.

And those incredible banners??
All made by the inspiring Melissa (pictured with Grandson)

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_24.jpg

I'm in awe of her talents!

You remember last years Western theme and Wanted posters?
Well, to keep up with tradition I made each boy and the leaders a "decree" using pictures I took of them in a stockade printout one of the leaders found online, then turning it into a pencil drawing
(tutorial here)
and doing a little Photoshop design work and the Cub Scout Core Values.

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_2.jpg

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_4.jpg

These were some of my favorites...

 photo 2013_BampG_Connor.jpg
 photo 2013_BampG_Spencer.jpg
 photo 2013_BampG_Griffin.jpg
 photo 2013_BampG_Kiggins.jpg

Love how they turned out!
And each boy got to take their's home with them.

The meal, in true Renaissance style was to be consumed sans silverware.
The kids loved it!

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_32.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_33.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_34.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_30.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_41.jpg photo BlueampGold_2013_64-1.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_36.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_35.jpg

Behind the scenes:

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_39.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_40.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_38.jpg

We enjoyed a slide show of Scouting events past

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_26.jpg
 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_28.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_22.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_21.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_23.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_27.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_15-1.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_62.jpg
 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_44.jpg

A very special presentation of the colors and Pledge of Allegiance

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_17.jpg

With all the lights off, and a single spotlight on the flag, the Scout (my Connor), read each line of the Pledge separately

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_19.jpg

And in between breaks, the Scout Leader (my Mr.), read beautiful and patriotic examples and definitions for each line.

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_18.jpg

It was really amazing!

The awards:

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_42.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_43.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_29.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_20.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_16.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_45.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_47.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_48.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_49.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_50.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_51.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_52.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_53.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_54.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_55.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_56.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_57.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_58.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_59.jpg

With their awards, each Scout got one of these really cool wooden swords

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_46.jpg

Made by the amazing Ron!

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_60.jpg


They were a big hit.

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_64.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_66.jpg photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_65.jpg

At the end they let the boys who will, this year be eligible to start attending Scouts, come up and get a sword too.

 photo Scouts_BlueampGoldBanquet_RenaissanceTheme_61.jpg

Oh, except that big guy in the middle, he's 10, he's actually a Weblos Scout ;)

(Scouting starts at the age of 8 in The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and "The Church uses age instead of school grade to determine membership in Scouting programs. Separate age-group units are encouraged to maintain quorum integrity, identity, and lines of authority" You can read more about the LDS Boy Scouts of America guidelines HERE. And no, you do not need to be a member of the LDS church to join one of their affiliated troops).

Scouting ROCKS!

The boys had a blast!!

Ok, so we did as well!

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  1. Was looking for ideas for our upcoming blue & gold....LOVE this idea!!! So very creative and the boys all look like they had a blast! Great job and thanks for the awesome ideas!!!

  2. Was looking for ideas for our upcoming blue & gold...LOVE this theme! So very creative and the boys all look like they had a blast!!! Great work and thanks for the awesome ideas!

  3. Very well documented. Thank you. We were planning this theme so I'm excited to find your post.

  4. Love your Blue and Gold theme, was thinking of doing this next year. Just started looking for ideas today since I had a few minutes to look for ideas to use. This year, we did a science themed banquet and titled it "Blue and AU". Even did a few things toward the boys earning their science belt loop and our WEBELOS requirements. Only needed a couple meetings to finish up everything they needed to do. Last year, we did Baloo and Gold with a Jungle Book theme. Would appreciate getting instructions to make swords and squire outfits for the boys and exchange information for our past banquets if you would like. My email address is if you are interested. By the by, our pack is LDS too.

    1. What great Blue and Gold ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!
      Unfortunately I did not make the tunics or the swords, so I don't have instructions to share and we have long since moved from that ward. I'm so sorry. But I bet if you ask the Google you could find a comparable tutorial. Best of luck. HAPPY CREATING!!