Monday, August 6, 2018

Top 5 Back To School Gear, Favorites and Must Haves!

That face though!

I might be the only mama that cries more than my kiddos do when summer ends.  Summer is LIFE!
However back to school days are much less dreadful if you are armed with the best back to school gear possible, that will last and not make you feel as if you threw your money away when Christmas hits and you having to replace it all.

Since my oldest started school 16 years ago (tear!) I've learned a lot and made many mental notes of what to, and not to do.  Now, even though my kiddos are all in different stages and all in different schools this year (more tears!), our back to school still runs like clockwork and here are our favorites that keep it that way:

1.  LL Bean Book Pack

You guys!  This has been our go to backpack brand since our teenager started Kindergarten 16 years ago!  We love the sturdiness and the variety of sizes (and colors and prints)!  The Junior is the perfect size for those little preschool and elementary schoolers.  The Original  we liked for those older elementary schoolers or middle schoolers that have to bring a text book or two home at night. The Deluxe was fabulous for those middle schoolers or high schoolers that have binders and textbooks to carry.  And the Super Deluxe is for the big workload, complete with padding and space for a laptop. My teen has had a school issued computer since 6th grade, so we upgraded to the super deluxe pretty fast, but he's getting ready to start his Sophomore year of high school and his back pack still looks as good as the day we got it (him choosing the black back pack helps with that!)

2. PackIt Freezable Lunch Boxes

So many food variety options open up when you can keep things cold until you're ready to eat them!  What I love most about these lunch boxes is the fact that the icepacks are built into it.  No losing them! This lunch box folds up nice and compact for the freezer, then in the morning you simply unfold it, pack it, zip it up and get on your way!  It has a sturdy handle for carrying, and also a clasp on the handle so you can attach it onto your backpack strap (which is also handy so it doesn't get set down somewhere, like on the bus, and then forgotten about).

3. Camelbak Water bottles

No spill, a spout they can chew on and not ruin completely, varying sizes for different ages, every part is easily disassembled and dishwasher safe, and replacement parts that can be found easily on Amazon HERE and locally (like in the sporting goods section of Target!).  We've been using these for years and they haven't failed us yet!

4. Lands End Kids Squall Parka

I know it's summer and no one is thinking about cold weather gear for their kiddos, but it's coming you guys and I don't know about you, but I'd like to have my pick instead of waiting for the cold and then being stuck with what hasn't sold out already.  The Lands End Kids Squall Parka is our absolute favorite cold weather coat for our kids.  It has a warm fleece inner jacket that attaches by zipper to an outer waterproof jacket with a hood. They can be worn separately or together.  The inner jacket has thumb holes and also stretches up to 1 1/2"  for a "Grow-A-Long" fit.  Plus, SnowGuard sleeve cuffs! It is "Water-Wind-Cold-Kid Proof"!  And my favorite part is that it is guaranteed, and has a lifetime return policy.  It is a tad on the pricey side, but remember you are actually getting 3 jackets in one.  A warm fleece jacket, a waterproof windbreaker, and together they form an incredible winter coat to keep your little one toasty warm on those snowy days with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!  You just can't beat that!!
hint: buy a full size or two larger than what they need and you will be able to use it for multiple years... my son used his for 5, my daughter is on year 4 with the same one.

5. Ticonderoga Pencils-

I know this sounds silly, but a good pencil can change your child's school and homework experience (and YOURS).  Not only do these pencils write and sharpen beautifully, but the eraser is fabulous on it!  No more smudgy eraser streaks or ripped papers.  No plastic, no latex... all wood and eraser perfection!

So there you have it! Those are our Top 5 back to school favorites and must haves to make life simple and less stressful!

It's going to be a fabulous year!

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