Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall Cleanout: The Craft Room

Ah the craft room.

Also known as my happy place.

I'm not a hoarder.  That "before" pic was taken the week we moved in.  This room was really just a dumping spot for everything that didn't have a place to live yet.
Enter, makover time!

I've never had my very own craft room before so I was super duper excited about this room!

Nice work space with an amazing view of our beautiful mountains for inspiration and the playground in the backyard so I can keep an eye on the kiddos out the double windows.

 photo IMG_9245.jpg photo IMG_9214.jpg

I found an the old wood chair for $10 at a consignment store  and painted it a happy red.
(you can see the unpainted chair in the "before" pic above)

Next to the desk you'll see a turquoise cart.
I use that to hold my works in progress and items that need mending.
It's the Raskog cart found at Ikea HERE
I like it because it's on wheels. I totally rolled it out for Ada's Frozen party to hold party time supplies that were not so eye-appealing strewn out on the counters.
Handy Dandy!

I bought 3 packs of the Snika metal box sets at Ikea found HERE
It comes with one big and two small metal boxes with lids.
I love the retro look of them.
Added a clear "Sew" label that I printed to look like a Stamp.
I keep a small one next to my sewing machine with all of the daily sewing items I might need (small scissors, extra sewing machine needles, bobbins, seam ripper etc.)

 photo IMG_9221.jpg

I keep a big one on my antique dresser with the larger items like all of my thread, quilting safety pins, shears, sewing machine repair tools and so on.

 photo IMG_9220.jpg

The other boxes are stored in the closet for now and house things like ribbons and trimmings.
The closet that my amazing Mr. hung awesome shelves in for me to maximize my storage space!

 photo IMG_9233.jpg photo IMG_9234.jpg

The other metal boxes will venture out after Mr. Kiggins builds me a shelf and hangs my pegboard above my extra workspace/ cutting table which is a handy dandy double drop leaf table with drawers on both sides (behind my dress form).   It's the Norden table also found at Ikea HERE

 photo IMG_9218.jpg

And boy, howdy is it super duper heavy and sturdy!
I love Ikea!

The TV my sweet hubs bought for me as an early birthday present so I can be vastly entertained while creating in my happy place.
What a dream that man is!

There wasn't a spot in my new kitchen to hang my Happy curtains I made and
that were the perfect touch in my last kitchen that I LOVED...
But they were the perfect touch in my new craft room.

 photo IMG_9240.jpg

I honestly think they'd be the perfect touch for any room. They're just so bright and cheery!

And of course, no space of mine is complete without triangle banners!

 photo IMG_9215.jpg

Lots of triangle banners

 photo IMG_9254.jpg

I found this awesome big chalkboard on clearance at Hobby Lobby for like $15. It fits perfectly on my tiny wall here so I can keep track of projects and measurements.

 photo IMG_9225.jpg

And apparently perfect for my girls to doodle on as high up as they can reach.

Anyone who knows me, knows that two of my absolute favorite pieces of furniture are the antique green hutch my amazing Mr. bought for me for Mother's day back in 2011,  and my refurbished wooden high chair I painted and made a polkadot oilcloth cushion for for my sweet Ada.
They also did not have a place to live in my kitchen, or even my dining room, but were just perfect for my craft room!

 photo IMG_9256.jpg

Right now the hutch's shelves are housing my collection of antique milk glass.

 photo IMG_9235.jpg

Next to the hutch is a set of metal hanging files I found at Ikea HERE and spray painted turquoise to match the other accents in the room, then added names and initials to so we knew whose slot belonged to whom. It's super handy for all of those school papers they bring home and that need to be sent in, or for bills or papers that need to be filed.

 photo IMG_9258.jpg

Which brings me to the filing cabinet.

 photo IMG_9227.jpg

It was just an old metal one we got for free 14 years ago and has lived in our closet because it was super not eye-appealing, but not a practical location because it was a pain to get to. So I spray painted it red and now it lives out in the open and accessible and let's face it… adorable!

Above it I hung some awesome prints I made using photoshop and some free vintage sewing machine clipart I found. I spray painted some frames red, mattes turquoise and voila! Masterpiece!

 photo IMG_9247.jpg

Love how they turned out!

And of course I'll give them to you!

Antique sewing machine free printable Download HERE

What you get:

 photo Antique_SewingMachine_Free-Printable_1-001_zpsa601f52f.jpg


What you get:

 photo Antique_SewingMachine_Free-Printable_2-001_zps1d2997b3.jpg

Sew on and Sew forth free printable download HERE

What you get:

 photo Antique_Sewing_Free-Printable_SEW-On-And_Sew_Forth-001_zpsf9d705e4.jpg

 photo IMG_9213.jpg

*contended sigh*

My happy place!



  1. I stumbled on this old blog post... I love the red chair. Do you remember what color and who made the paint (i.e. Sherwin Williams, etc)?

    I also love your little mini banner you have on your "modern" desk lamp. Hubby got me a nice bright light for xmas, as I was using vintage lamps and couldn't see a thing, and I love how you added the banner. Is it paper? Very sweet!!!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      The red is Rustoleum spray paint found at Lowes. The color is "Sunrise Red" in gloss protective enamel.
      The triangle banners were all made from fun scrapbook paper. I cut out the main big triangles (above the windows) then used the scraps to make smaller ones (over the mirror) and even smaller ones (over the lamp). I cut the tops long on the smaller ones, then folded the edge over the string and taped it on the back so they'd stay put.
      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! HAPPY CREATING!!

    2. Thank you for the information... Sunrise Red, yes, I know the color well. I have a 1965 travel trailer that I renovated and I used that color for the exterior stripe! Awesome as I have some left and a chair calling it's name!!!! Thanks again for the info! A triangle banner is on my list to make my lamp a little cuter!!! ;)