Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The All-Included-Baby-Gift Diaper Bouquet

 photo Baby-Gift_Diaper_Bouquet_DIY_Tutorial_1_zpsb5757c0e.jpg

Here is another version of my Diaper Bouquet (Tutorial found HERE), but updated to be an all inclusive gift for that sweet mama-to-be!

 photo Baby-Gift_Diaper_Bouquet_DIY_Tutorial_3_zps23e691fb.jpg

For this one I used a tall and wide mouthed glass cylinder vase.
I used the same steps in the tutorial, but instead of covering the foam inside the vase with tissue paper, I filled it with rolled up Gerber printed cloth diapers I found at Walmart HERE. These are a FANTASTIC baby gift. They can be used as burp cloths, changing pads and even as a regular diaper. Then for the "Bow", I used a baby teething rattle in coordinating colors and wrapped it all up in an orange ribbon and orange tulle.

For the bouquet part (rolled up diapers) I alternated bright blue tulle and bright green tulle to make it extra colorful.

 photo Baby-Gift_Diaper_Bouquet_DIY_Tutorial_2_zps44652455.jpg

Then to finish it all off I hopped onto photoshop and made a little tag for the front (my daughter gave this bouquet to my sister-in-law for her baby shower).

LOVE how it turned out and it made an excellent center piece at the baby shower!



  1. Did you use a Styrofoam ball on top of the wash clothes?

    1. Yes I did! It’s made just like the tutorial in the link, but with cloth diapers instead of tissue paper inside of the vase. Happy creating!!