Sunday, January 15, 2012

Many Blessings Retirement Party


After devoting 26 years to Dupont, the time has come for our cuddly Padre to retire.

Now in his modestness, he would never agree to a "party" thrown in his honor,
He's just that kind of guy.

So we, his children, of course made it a complete surprise.
Because we're just that kind of kids.

And boy howdy, surprised he was.
In the good kind of way.


Our theme:


After going to work every single single day for about 40 years straight, it's a major life change to find yourself all of the sudden not going to work.
He was a little concerned to say the least.
So we decided to focus on all of the many blessing this retirement brings, both past and present.

We posted signs all over the room counting those blessings.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera so was a little out of sorts while photographing using my brothers and ended up with this as the only pic where you could read the sign.


Other, more adorable signs, said things like such...


Among other cleverness-es to bring about many oohs, ahhs, and a few tears.


Happy Creating!!

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