Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fresh Frozen Peaches

Up to my eyeballs in peaches.


Preparing to Freeze them for the winter for a summery delicious treat on those brutally barren cold days.

Simply peel each peach.
Easiest way is to stick them (whole) into a big pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds.
When you take the peach out, the skin should just fall right off when you gently pull at it.

Once peeled, slice the peaches, and remove pit.
Then place in a bowl.
Cover the top with sugar and stir to evenly coat.


Once evenly covered in sugar, spoon (juice and all) into quart size ziploc bags, then place in freezer.
Tastes more fresh then canning and is so super easy.

And yes, they're even more juicy and delicious then they look!

I'm not gonna lie though,


At one point in this process I actually believed I/my kitchen would never be not sticky again.

However it feels so good having my freezer full...
and OH-My-YUM!!!


When you're ready to eat.
Pull out of freezer and place on counter or in fridge to thaw.
Then enjoy.

Happy Creating!!

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